Feeling the space. Not filling the space.


Tiles are born from Earth. Ceramic, porcelain, stone. All Earth. Pieces of Earth that found a new home now in your home. Glazed, not glazed, vitrified sand particles. Painted, not painted. Pigments giving the “air”, the feeling, the mood, the color. We came from Earth.

Walls. Exoskeleton of a living body called room. Protect it, adorn it, move it. Walls want to be touched and studied, walls are alive. Energy flows from and to each wall including the fifth one above your head. They hold your smells, your ideas, your time. Walls talk. Listen!

Walk with respect over the sixth wall, your floor. It constantly observes you. Don’t infest it with leftover trash carried recklessly from walks around the world. Let yourself melt and mix with the surface below your feet. Feel it.

Air. Free air. Fresh air. Moving in and out of cutouts on the walls. Windows. Lungs. They allow us to breath. Open your lungs, your windows, invite the butterflies and birds in. Light, free light, the more the better. Don’t cover those windows. Let be light.

Waves of


Flow from your Space to

My Body.

And I read the messages and listen to the stories every time I walk in.

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