Come fly away with me!


Five months from now we will be heading to Rio de Janeiro leading our first group of travelers for ten days.

This idea has been living in my mind for a while, and finally Jeff and I put the plan to work and we will make it grow from now on. We believe traveling is more than going to places and taking pictures, it is experiencing the world and learning about new things that we didn’t even imagined existed. So yes, because I feel confident that I can roam this planet with a smile on my face, I am also confident that I can share my vision with you.

What will we be doing in Rio?

We will alternate culture and nature, from walks around downtown visiting historical buildings and learning a little about Brazilian history and architecture to walks into the tropical jungle, playing in waterfalls and admiring the magnitude of the city from above the mountains.

Alternating exploration with lazy hours at the beach, people watching , eating and drinking. Digging our toes in the sand and being hugged by the ocean when the temperatures seem to toast us under the tropical sun.

My birthplace, my first home, the place I would love to share with you.

We will visit open markets and talk gastronomy. We will have meals surrounded by live music and feel the spirit of carnaval. We will give you so much food for thought that when you go back home all you will be thinking about is when you can go back again.

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