Is your designer a good match for you?


It’s all about energy!

Meeting, talking, designing with attention to the rational part of the project. What fits the budget, what the homeowner needs and wants, how this house’s new layout will work, educating clients about space functionality, and sometimes even fighting their preconceived ideas of what they think is right for the space. But mostly finding out about dreams and making them reality.

Drawings and samples clarify the vision. Then we add imagination, styles, and hopefully color. Lots of color! After mechanicals are studied, whether we can move this or that or none. After the lifestyle is identified, and hearts and souls are open to the ideas we bring to the table, then we can create from experience.

Remodeling or construction are not just a cold assembly of materials. It’s not just checking a list twice. Not just staying on a budget. It’s an experience! From the moment you meet your designer, if you are not on the same page, same team, same energy level, don’t bother trying to hire their time. We need trust in order for the experience to happen. It’s a relationship that will exist for a few months, sometimes over a year. Not everyone is ready for this experience, not everyone can let go of control, not everyone is ready to opening their minds and learning something new. And a lot of people still believe that the world could be perfect if they were in charge of everything, but even though this is a wonderful world, nothing is ever perfect. Perfection is subjective, it will not be the same for every individual.

Enjoy the experience, live the moment, accept reality, while we are trying to bring the best of our ideas and knowledge to the site. Focus on the positive of what can be done instead of what can’t. Understand a space is filled with energy that we all bring into it. Bring the good one and see things evolving, getting prettier. Together we can create a space that supports the soul. But you need to believe it!




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