Learning to fly

The act of learning how to fly tells more about our courage to try than our ability to fly.

About three months ago I brought my son to this town where we knew nobody but wanted to visit a college and see the possibilities.

While lost at the train station we coincidentally came across Alice, the girl who was going to be his Italian instructor in the future. I never have high expectations about starting friendship connections too fast, my 27 years in America have taught me that people are not easy to warm up or become friends overnight, but this time life was determined to show me something different. In less than 24 hours we were invited for dinner at her dad’s house. In two days we were sitting at their table and talking about the future, our kids and their schools, wine and food.
Back to home we went to decide on the next steps and get a plan together for a return to Italy, which brought us to where we are today. Italy always felt like home to me, not sure why, but when the mystery is so big I don’t dare to defy. The language is easy and feels like if it has been dormant inside of me for centuries. Food is naturally unpretentious and everything they cook feels like comfort food. People here love people.

A retired couple standing on a nearby balcony kept their watching eyes on us as we waited for the landlord to show up to open the apartment for us. I can easily forgive curiosity because I’m a people watcher myself.

First day in and we already had been invited for dinner at Alice’s house again, but this time with a lesson on how to cook risotto. Three wines and a meal later we walked back home passing by groups of teenagers sitting around the churches’ piazzas chatting and socializing like kids do here till after midnight.

We finally had a full night of sleep after a long trip, or maybe two long trips with a quick interval at home to change clothes in the suitcase. And now what? What’s next? Is it teaching to fly one of the biggest jobs of a mama bird? Is pushing a baby out of the nest something we do with pride? Trusting our instincts is the most important wisdom we can utilize in life. So here my son goes into the world, where he will arrive nobody knows. What I know is that life is too short to live without adventures or to live in fear of the unknown. My job here has been transferred to him for a while, let’s watch and see how this bird will learn to fly!

Fly away bird, fly!

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