Waves of ideas



Waves of ideas come and go trying to take me to different worlds where I can be totally alone and unreachable till the moment I’m completely satisfied and then I can choose to come back, or not.

Where do we go when momentarily we leave our body? When the solid gold light feels like sticky honey and even without a body or mouth we can still taste the sweetness of the sun, where do we go?

Walking this ground is a gift. How else could I be thinking of other lives somewhere else if I had no matter, no body, no brain? Why when we are emotionally tired, the first consequence is being unable to move our body? Will I be able to move to a world where everything is so new and charged with energy?

What’s beyond that horizon? What other worlds can I visit either in person or in spirit? Why is it that the more we move the less we want to stop? And by going around and around are there ever going to be a final destination determined by our physical expiration date?

Is there a station where we finally arrive and find all the answers? All the people we longed to meet? All the ideas and conversations we wished to share? What about the ideas born in our mind, will they come to life? The spaces I created in my mind will ever be built? And the homes I wish to have, will I ever miss them?

And when that wave can not carry neither me nor my thoughts anymore, is that the end of life?


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