Dutch girl


We had been walking around for a while going in and out of different houses, either to eat, or to see things while alternating with the entertainment on the streets. Noise, music, food, drinks, people of all ages celebrating a medieval  party.

This one art gallery had many faces staring at me, some in very colorful clothes, some smiling, some eating, and then there was the girl with her eyes closed. Not sure why this one called my attention over the others. I kept looking and investigating everything around but my eyes kept going back to her. There was no answer to why she was so mysterious, other than the eyes that refused to give any information. Her pale skin and the fancy clothes, the long hair and the seafood laying there  half-dead and half-alive like the main subject, all unpredictable but in harmony.

I stepped back into the streets and back to sunlight trying to forget what I had seen and at the same time trying to never forget the face and the feeling I got from it. If art’s main intention is to provoke sensations, feelings and ideas, this was a loaded piece of art. Three blocks down the road I made a turn and decided to come back to get her. Glad that she was still sitting there in silence and still with her eyes closed in a very tranquil state of mind. I think she knew I couldn’t leave without her.

I brought her home, which caused more questions: “Mom, is she dead?”, “What’s that shrimp doing there?”, “She looks sooo pale”, “Mom, you are weird!” And then finally when they realized she was going on the wall no matter what, came the nicest compliments: “She will shock everyone who walks in, that’s actually kind of cool!”,

“I like her!”

So, that’s how this beauty came to live with us.

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