Lessons from the sea



Back in Mexico, four times in the last two years, every time a different place and a new experience. This is slowly turning into a love affair.

Our boat was waiting for our group of 22 divers, this would be our place to live in the next seven days. The crew of ten people, and the most charming seagulls sitting at the sun deck just watching us, strangers on their boat.

Soon after we set sail we were either guided or followed by dolphins at the front and sides of our boat. It seemed like those creatures were in synchrony with us, adding energy to our expectations about what we were going to see in the ocean in the next days.

We travelled toward a place that felt like the infinite space. Our perception of deep blue ocean increased as the hours passed by, and after a couple of hours we were with no land on site, and off the grid. Another “universe”, very different from what we were used to, was all ours. Or was the other way around? Were we the ones that belonged to them now? After 24 hours of travelling there was just us, the water below and the sky above. From the space above, the stars saw us as a little white dot surrounded by endless blue.


Exploration under the sea is an amazing experience where gentle giants swim by you, sometimes they are as curious as you are, sometimes they don’t pay attention. Humbling experience that makes us realize how everything in this world is amazing, huge, simple and complex. How difficult situations as underwater current, water temperature, waves breaking on the surface, are nothing after you look back and see how strong you can fight.


In my opinion, diving is more than a physical task, it’s much more of a mental one, where you learn to have control of your heart beat, breathing, and any fear imaginable. Once we learn this important lesson that all power is in our mind, we can rise from the ocean as one of their giants. From there on there’s nothing that can possibly stop you from accomplishing the greatest goals in life.

This was the lesson I learned from the ocean.


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