Not for everyone


Art and design are not for everyone, they are for those who want it.

A design or a piece of art start their life in the creator’s mind. Just like life starts in someone’s body. It takes time to grow, mature and to be ready to come out and be in the world.

When I share my work, my art or my design, it means I used my knowledge of many, many years to achieve a result that is probably the best result given the conditions I was presented. Every project and every life is different because they come from different needs, circumstances, families, budgets. And it’s a misconception to believe that an idea was born only at the moment when you saw it or when you met that piece of work for the first time. That project already had a life and a reason before its creator brought it out.

I had moments in my career when someone wanted to work with me just to tell me exactly what I should design or not, canceling the purpose of my presence. Because I sell ideas and nothing else, the moment that happens is the moment I need to walk away. In a world where there’s so many options for clients, products and services, walking away is a favor I can do to both sides. I set both of us free.

Knowing my value and how much I have studied to be here, at this exact spot where I’m standing right now, gives me the opportunity to offer you my best. The experience I have  accumulated and my ideas are part of me, without any separation between creator and creature. My work carries my name when it translates my believes, or it can’t take my signature if it wasn’t done by me, simple. The same way you wouldn’t give your name to everyone you meet.


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