The idea of perfection


Waiting for perfection is a mind numbing attitude.

Waiting for the right moment, the right pieces to fall into place, the right place, the right amount of money, the right age… argh… so inhibiting!

Just watch a baby learning to walk, wobbles, falls, grabs for support, moves legs to the right and left not really understanding direction, 1,2,3,4 steps and then he goes. And again and again. Twenty years later that baby is competing on the Olympics and nobody ever remembers that same person was once a baby learning to walk .

So here’s my take on perfection: yes you can achieve it! But only if you are not afraid of falling, tumbling, getting a lot of scrapes. Practice, time, persistence, and no fear will move you closer and closer to perfection.

Waiting for the New Year to start so we can make a new resolution, or many times waiting for a sign from the Devine so we can make a decision, just sets us back on the decision-making process. While time never stops for anyone to get on the train of perfection, it’s our job to learn to get on or off any train of life. Courage is the one thing that moves us forward. Courage to take those first baby wobbling steps. You can only run if you first learn how to walk. Why wait?

Courage is taking those first steps towards your dream even if you can’t see the path ahead. New year’s resolution? “Be more courageous!”


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