Simplicity and Happiness


Nothing is more sophisticated than simplicity.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded by ideas that want to convince us to have more, to buy what we don’t need, to spend the money we don’t have, to insert one more social event in a schedule that craves family time, in a time when people think the busier they are the more successful they are, the more anxious they are the more productive they feel.


That will never make sense. Our everyday life doesn’t need to be that crazy busy to make us feel useful or worthy. CPGR3974

Try going back to basics and be surprised how rewarding life is when you have absolutely nothing scheduled on the weekends. When you can just decide that spending quiet time with family or alone is very calming. When you realize that your kid doesn’t need to compete in every sport, or they don’t need to be constantly entertained but they can create entertainment for themselves. They can learn to value down-time and not feel extremely anxious or demanding when they are “bored”.

Going back to basic is a powerful toll that teaches slow living for life. Slowing your heart rate to the point that you can leave your busy mind and enjoy what’s around you. Observing the world around, the smallest of the movements, observing the leaves on a tree, a bug crossing the sidewalk, the breathing of your dog, a child’s smile.


Visiting Morocco was that experience that proved that things we have at home are excess and most of the time not essential to life. The experience showed me that the human connection, either with another human or with oneself, is everything we need to make sense of life. The rest is just extras.

It’s easy these days to feel overwhelmed with the news, the capitalist world, commercials on TV, violence and all that crap. What people forget is that we are in charge of what goes in our mind and body. Why let the unnecessary enter your spirit? Why not just start a peaceful movement inside of your own self and let that overflow and inspire others? Energy is contagious, both good and bad. Now can we consciously opt to keep the good flame on? Be the one to inspire instead of waiting to be inspired. Be the one to help instead of waiting to be helped. Simplify the everyday needs and be abundant with good intentions.


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