For every YES a hundred NOS


Holidays are here at the same time that the end of the tax year is here, projects, and trips are here. It seems like there’s a lot going on, right?

When I started my business about 7 years ago and set my career goals during a foggy time in my life I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know how to get there, I had the ambition but not a real plan. It was more like a trial and error, shooting at many directions while wearing a blind fold and hoping to shoot something to bring home for dinner. The problem was, I was listening to many voices but none of them was mine. Now when I look back and see how hard I had hit the bottom, I am very thankful I did. First because I had to hit something very hard and hurt very deeply to wake me up from that numbness of not listening to myself. Second I proved to myself, without knowing at the moment, that once I listened to my own voice and learned to say NO to things that were not serving me, I had more time and energy for the things I wanted to say YES to.

Fast forward, I have everything I want, everything I need, and a lot more. But what does all of these have to do with the holidays? Parties? Work? Trips? Clients? Paper work? One thing I learned is to prioritize. Clean up the clutter. Focus on things and people who are simply amazing. For every YES we say, we will probably have to say a hundred NOs to defend that YES. Example: Saying YES to family time, you might need to say NO to cleaning the house, going to a networking meeting, watching TV. Saying YES to a great project, you might have to say NO to a not so great project, NO to time shopping, NO to sleeping in, etc. You got the idea!

 On learning to let go of a few things and a few people, we make room for what’s really important in life. Money comes and go, things come and go too, but one thing we can never get back is time, the most precious currency, so let’s use it wisely. At the moment I am very busy working with projects that I really love, which require my time, my creativity, my passion. And by doing so I get the rewards that come in the shape of income, family time and vacation. At the end, it is a trade of what we can offer for what we want to get.

On that note I have to confess I ran out of time to dedicate to Christmas decoration, instead I will say YES to cooking and baking, at the moment they seem much more important than hanging ornaments everywhere. Food I can share with people I love. At the end of the year I will also enjoy a week of vacation, relaxing and recharging my energy at the beach, while spending time with people I love

How do you simplify your life?



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