Let me walk through your home

Let me walk through your home and take my time absorbing every detail. Let me imagine the stories that happened here or the ones that will happen. The softness of the floor, the textures of the walls, everything invites me to touch your space and stay for a little longer. But it would be disturbing and not recommended to go touching everything. We must pay respect to the space as we do to museums.

There are so many colors that I’m not familiar with and they keep changing as the beams of light dance here and there. I touch the light because that is allowed, and wave my hand seeing what else can I touch in the density of this environment?

I wish I could run and scream, calling all of those who live here, asking them to come out of their little rooms and meet me. Instead I giggle and stare at that curious pair of eyes that observes me without blinking. I love staring, it’s a game that transports me into their minds. But then I’m called and asked to keep going. So I go.

The sounds are muted. I hear my own breathing most of the time. I don’t want to move fast, as a matter of fact I wish I could just sit down on the floor and wait, wait for the next pair of eyes.

I slow down to check the small areas, while taking mental notes I wish I had a camera. Yes, to keep everything in a camera and always go back to remember details that the mind will sure forget. Our time is limited, I check my watch and now I should get ready to leave. I will always be visiting these type of places, but probably never the same spot.

As I ascend to the surface and grab the ladder to the boat, I look back and see them all down deep in the ocean, probably waiting for the next visitors to walk their sand.


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  1. Myung says:

    Very nice!


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