Meditation on the go


The blueish orange sky was sitting in front of my windshield, the remaining light still hanging there as an invitation to enjoy the last hour or minutes of the day. Driving to and from these little towns where I live don’t take more than twenty to thirty minutes, and that’s a meditation time always. In that half hour a whole life passes by as a movie in my head, memories from childhood, family time, the loved ones, art work, projects, trips. Memories of sweet moments that have passed and will never come back. Life only moves forward as nothing ever remains the same.

It has become a little tradition for now, for me to come and visit my son at work once a week. The restaurant has this positive energy and a bunch of happy workers. We laugh, exchange ideas about food, lifestyle, family stories and whatever comes to mind. We congregate in a tiny kitchen and tell jokes and explode in belly laughs so loud that the people at the tables could hear us. Then I leave. And drive home thinking… Thinking that life has expanded immensely since the kids started leading a life of their own. It feels like my life combined with their lives equates a better life. It became a wide range of experiences and made our own private universe more interesting. Like seeds from a tree, growing into new trees and becoming a forest instead of a single tree standing alone.

Driving back home is meditation on the go. Parks inviting me to stop and sit for a while. The river inviting me to snap a picture. And in the middle of all this world of trees, and parks, sunsets and water, I realize that, as a part of the universe, each of us are a micro-cosmos living in a macro-cosmos. Everyone is important and everyone has a mission, and during this journey called life, our mission is also to help others find their mission. Let’s be creators of great micro-cosmos in this big world.

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