IMG_0951The mom asked the young child “Look through the window and tell me what do you see.”

He answered “Mom I see the garden, the sky, and people passing by.”

She said “Now you go outside and look through the window again. Do you see the same thing?”

He said “No, I see the bedroom, the furniture, the walls”

“Does it mean the window is tricking you? Or reality depends on where you stand?”

“I see, mom.”


The unwillingness to move and get out of your own spot will not guarantee a complete view of all surroundings and perspectives. The world became small and full of windows allowing people to feel closer to everyone. The window is just an opening and not a barrier. The window is a place to sit and talk to passers-by. The window is nothing, but a connection to different worlds. To close it might mean ignoring that there’s a totally different world beyond your walls. To close it might be death by asphyxia. To close it is to keep your world in the darkness.

The sun shines outside for those willing to keep this window open. Fresh air moves through the house, friends stop to talk. The rain, the birds, the butterflies are the gifts from the outside world that keep you dreaming and wanting to go out and explore.

There’s no time to waste with darkness, coldness, and ignorance. To isolate oneself is death sentence brought to oneself.

Wake up tomorrow, jump through that window and go share a life that was given to you. A miracle life that is absolutely not meant to be wasted. Change your perspective and change the world.

Open your windows.



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