It’s just a matter of time…



“You must be an artist?”, he asked me.

Jeff and I had been in Marrakech for over a week then. We had walked those alleys, the open markets, hundreds of little shops, and many restaurants. We had eaten like kings, shopped like tourists, mingled with locals and learned a lot more about ourselves than we would think. I learned that I loved everything Moroccan. To want to bring many pieces of that world with me was redundant, to make it happen was a challenge due to limited space and budget.

So many times we passed by jewelers and antique shops where my eyes got lost in a seducing world of beauty and history. The heart was constantly reminded by the brain that most of what I saw I couldn’t bring home.  Jeff, seeing my eyes longing for a necklace, asked what I wanted for my birthday. I said a necklace with blue stones and red coral. Then one fine gentlemen, owner of one of the many jewelry shops, taught us about history during our conversation, explaining the origin of those pieces on display, needless to say we left with a red necklace, and I was happy already.

But the streets and alleys of Marrakech have many turns and many people, they have a way of throwing you out of your route, redirecting you to what’s supposed to be your destiny, or to a magical place, which made us land at another shop a couple of days later. I had already decided to wait outside afraid that I’d see something and fall in love again. While waiting for him to check on whatever, I set my eyes on what I thought was the most amazing piece of jewelry.


The shop owner started a conversation and I started inquiring about prices, imagining how much more money I would have to bring on my next trip there. He saw what I wanted  and then he paused, he looked me in the eyes and asked:

“You must be an artist?”  I smiled and asked how do you know? He said “You have a soft soul, very good taste, and no money!” I started laughing at the reality explained so clearly and succinctly in front of me. He cut a deal with Jeff and let me have the piece for a fraction of the price tag. I made sure I had a picture of us together, so I’d never forget this distinct gentleman of small stature and fancy clothes, and yet so simple. Because when I’m rich and famous, I shall return here for more of his beautiful necklaces.


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