Each project is an universe of details



8,10,12, or 14 Hours on one project/day, wandering around details, elements of design, like a pointillism painting composed by millions of dots of different colors. Alone they are nothing more than a dot, but together they compose a picture.

The more details, the richer and better finished a project will be. Why care about which direction a door opens, or which gray of the 2,000 grays will look better in the room? Why worry about how the sun light will come into the space? Or study visual weight versus real weight? For the same reason so many great architects, designers and artists dedicated so much time to their creation, because is a common understanding among us who create: Beauty is in the details.

While creation is the first step into a project, execution is the final one.


When after all the imagined work is finally documented on paper, how do you take it from step I to step II, the construction?


Executing a project is more than team work, it’s almost like a dance where each taken step is respected by the next step to be followed. It’s knowing how the “dance partner” moves and predicting the move while dancing to the song. And to make it a little more challenging, it’s like having dozens of partners in one single dance.

It’s taking you from here:


To here:


Then here:

But much of those steps are imperceptible to the viewers. Those hours of planning, studying, calculating costs, deciding on materials, coordinating with the crew… All is almost never noticed, because when the audience comes to watch the final act, and the curtains go up… What really matters is the WOWs… and the Ohhhh… It’s the indescribable joy of looking at something you really enjoy.

Then we know our job is done and we can go home and rest.

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