The wind under your feet



Let the winds of heaven flow under your feet.

That dark blue sky carrying a load of water was quickly approaching our location. The wind felt warm and soft, embracing every part of my body, moving under my feet and making me as light as a kite flying in the sky. The same wind also moved the clouds, now showing us a sunset of orange sky.

“Take off! Take off!” The wind was telling me. Little by little I started floating a few inches from the ground imagining where I’d land next. This intersection of red and green lights, noisy and fast cars, children and adults, houses and buildings, soon would be all gone. The wind took me up in the sky and now I could see the town from far away, imagining if I should head South and go live on the beach or should I head East and go explore the mountains? Realizing that I was born to be a bird, flying high and freely, I said goodbye to this place.

The country music on the radio, the children’s laughter, the voices, the roar from the engines were so distant now, and then I heard my name. “Simony! What are you doing? Here, come get your ice-cream!” I came back to earth and ran towards the shop where he was standing at the check out and holding my ice-cream cone.

Maybe next time I’ll take off when nobody is watching so I don’t have to return.

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