Designer’s world



It was a white night of snow-covered roads when only the orange glow of the light posts were alive. Snow flakes danced on my windshield creating an unplanned design of shapes and glare. I knew then, how beautiful the art of unplanned patterns could work in all places and spaces.

During our first meeting I had warned them that I didn’t work with common “standards of beauty”, I work with whatever talks to me and all the things that are invisible to the eyes. I mix sensations of sounds, tastes, and visions of dreams and trips. If anyone needed to be in a secure close-to-home place, their place was not with me. Their eyes opened big, they fell into my eyes and they knew I meant what I said. They smiled in agreement which is a stronger consensus than a signed contract. A signed contract only means they agree with fees and deadlines, the big eyes and the smile mean they agree with the ride.

Like any client, they told me what they liked as we talked about tastes and styles, which helps me to understand their needs, but as always me being me, I flip, twist and turn into new directions creating new rules according to the space.  And as usual, the day when I brought the 3D drawings over, was the day when they realized their home would never be the same again. The excitement got bigger by the next visit, when I brought materials over, and now they had a racing heart, a need for a drink, a chair, and a need to talk and talk and talk. Watching them reacting to those pretty elements, which would become part of their daily life, was beautiful.

Then, like a magician, when the show was over, I packed all of my 100 rabbits back into the hat and I left knowing that my job was well done. The pieces of stones, tiles, wood doors, and pictures, set on the back seat of my car celebrating their new project.

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