I walked into the thrift shop and there were two ladies sitting at the front desk, daughter and mom. Mom was sipping on a cup of soup and wearing full Winter gear indoors. I know Spring days in Ohio may feel like a day at the tundras, so I understand it is better to just wear your hat, scarf, and coat indoors than bitch about the weather.

Mom was happy there, eating her lunch, and even though she knew her name and she knew what the daughter meant by “Let’s get you ready because little Jonny is picking you up”. Mom knew nothing more than that. Mom had lived a life story that even herself couldn’t remember anymore. And now the daughter was taking care of mom like her mom did to her some 65 years ago. They were the perfect pair, they understood the ephemerality of life, and the eternity of the soul.

The daughter greeted me and asked if I needed help? I thanked her and went on with my search. These trips to antique or thrift store are becoming very weird every time. It feels like each store has a story and that story is whispered in my ears while I’m walking around and checking objects. I was attracted to a lot of the objects, but after narrowing down to three, I picked the one that came home with me.


This time I found this canape plate made of pressed glass, decorated with ornate silver lace. It probably had danced at fancy parties, exhibiting pretty food and being a focal point. Later in life, retired on someone’s cupboard for a long time, then one day was sold to the shop, then again forgotten on the shelves. Its silver lace, now oxidized, was black and tired, but still held an old glamour. I brought it home and spent some time polishing it until finally it woke up from a long sleep.

Now this piece is ready to start over, to sit on a table, filled with little sandwiches, or pastries, or petit fours. I will have this piece available for SALE and more pieces to come. I feel that recycling objects with a history brings so much to our regular life. It’s like adding a different spice to a common meal. It’s giving our planet a chance to reuse what we have instead of continuously making new items. It’s buying something with a soul.

What do you think?

If you are interested on buying this plate, please private message me at Thank you!


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