Breakfast with the dogs



Kevinhhhhh!!!! Dexterrrrr!!!!

Screamed the neighbor to her two dogs, telling them it was time to come inside. Kevin and Dexter have been witnesses to my outdoor photography more than any human has been. Those two come close to their fenced yard and watch with curious eyes every move I make. All the food I bring outside and don’t share with them, the photos taken from laying on the floor to climbing chairs and tables. Those two know all my secrets, and they are keeping it to themselves, probably wishing they lived on this side of the fence where they could steal a piece of whatever I’m baking.

Storm is my dog. She is the quietest dog I have ever seen, and she loves (that’s an understatement!) to come outside and stare at the two dogs, walking so close to their fence that her fur gets caught there. She rubs on their face her perpetual freedom to roam endless yards, and only comes running back home when she hears the word “treat”! Yes, Storm is robust. The type of robust that is only compared to the French guy who has had too many pates and french baguette, cheese and wine. Storm is happy because she has seen it all, in terms of food and neighborhood. She has “travelled the world” on her own words.

Kevin and Dexter are good boys. The end.

IMG_3411My two secret friends are gone now. Their mom doesn’t know that we are friends and we talk over the fence. Together we laugh when they tell me why the grass is not growing on their side, they know that their super powerful pee and poop turns green grass into brown dirt. They work as a team in protest to lack of freedom. They asked if I could sneak some cake through the fence before they are called inside, I had not even answered and they were gone again.

I carry on with my work of photographing and eating, and I see 4 eyeballs glued to the glass door. Those two are like ninjas! I wonder, in the future when I become super famous and I’m on TV, if they will remember me and will talk to each other: “Man! There she is!”

You enjoy your weekend! Outdoors, indoors, with dogs or cats! Have a good one!


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