How to fall in love with your space?



What do I do for living? I help people fall in love with their space.


I can tell you how.

I have been thinking very hard about design and what have I been accomplishing with it? Making a living out of designing spaces is not the main reason why I do what I do. Being able to make someone fall in love with a space, either by renovation or by new construction, is my ultimate goal. So what makes a space be more captivating and attractive than others? What makes you “fall in love with it”? Is it really the design? And what’s the secret?

The secret is finding out what the client needs, what’s makes their heart excited.

So we set a goal to find the client’s style.  You dream the destination, I will fly you there. But how do I find out your style when you tell me you don’t know what it is?

Let me tell you about this cool gift I have:

It’s called sensitiveness. The ability to walk into a room and “feel” the vibe from people, from objects, from the space.

Things talk.


And I don’t even ask anyone to understand this part of this conversation because I know it is incomprehensible to most. But quoting one of my favorite books, The Little Prince, he says: The essential is invisible to the eyes, you can only see the essential with your heart.

But since everyone is unique, how do I know the exact amount of color, light, and textures to bring in? That is another personal gift I have, and it is called reading people. I didn’t realize it was a gift till I started “reading” my clients to the point that they look at me with big wide open eyes and ask “But how did you know we were going to like this?”

(I love when we reach that point in the meeting, it makes my soul dance outside my body!)


How I put all the pieces together, how I bring the right amount of materials, textures and colors, are all little pieces of a giant puzzle.  I believe that when we have encountered in our indoors the satisfaction found on the beauty of the outdoors, then the goal of designing a great interior was achieved. It is in our instinct to seek nature, no matter what type of nature, be it mountains, lake, ocean, woods, desert, farm, or whatever. Ultimately we all want to be in touch with nature.


We anxiously await for the better weather when we can spend more hours outdoors, cooking, gardening, playing sports, games, or simply just sitting there. By bringing certain natural elements into the interior design, we sooth our soul, we feel good.

So going back to the very beginning…

What do I do to accomplish the goal of helping people fall in love with their space? I give them what they love, what they need, with a dose of good taste.


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