Final destination



Through life we learn about what matters and what doesn’t. We grow, we make mistakes, learn some more, change, evolve, and learn more about our personal journey than we expected we would. Sometimes we will walk alone during our journey, we will stand alone, and we will take care of others alone. We might think that this whole journey thing is a very, very long bumpy road! We keep walking believing that we will someday arrive at our final destination, a place where we will put down our luggage, take off our shoes, and feel at home.


Final destination is a state of mind, a feeling, a time in life when we have arrived at the perfect situation and everything seems to make sense. Where all the pieces of the puzzle come together to make a pretty picture. A dream too good to be true if compared to what used to be the norm. And sometimes the final destination comes with a person waiting for you, and ready to hop into the next hot-air balloon, willing to travel with you anywhere you have dreamt about.


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