Not just a job.


Designing and creating is not only my job, is my way of life. It’s what I do even when I’m sleeping.  At school we learn how to draw. With life we learn how to understand people. With research we learn about materials. By creating we become more creative. At the end they all feed from each other.


When I am designing, I am thinking of the homeowner, how they will interact with the space and how the space will affect their lives, their mood and their behavior.

Seeing a remodel finished or a new home being bought, and hearing comments of how people love their new home, gives me so much joy! Gives me more energy to continue doing what I love most, and inspires me to always do better.


Design is a job of constant research to learn what’s new in the market, what has quality, style, and beauty.  Creating a timeless design is where all the magic resides. When we can blend new and old, or recreate history while adding a personal touch, and making it all “work together” is a rewarding achievement.

I put myself on the homeowner’s shoes and imagine what I would like to have, how I’d like to invest my money on the project and why it should last.

Bringing together the creativity of the designer, quality of the materials, and the expertise of the builder makes it a full circle, a successful final result in construction or remodel. No cheap materials, no cutting corners during the job and trusting the creative process are essential.

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