Suspended in plain air


Second day started after a twelve hour sleep. There was the repeated prayer echoing throughout the town, as early as the first sun rays. There were people talking and walking in the  garden next to our bedroom window. Sweet French sounds of words that rushed from the maids’ mouths.  We met the world again, first the people at the Riad, and second our breakfast.

Breakfast was going to be served on the terrace, informed one of the maids. We had to share our honey, informed the bees.


We set down and forgot time, we forgot our past lives, our country of origin. It was the most natural learning process: to learn to slow down, to let the day take us instead of us taking the hours of the day. By enjoying every detail and every minute of it, we learned the art of slow living. Giving permission to the senses to be present.

What makes life exciting is understanding there’s love and poetry in the little details, in things that go unnoticed by most.  Slowing down and learning to appreciate what life offers is a philosophy anyone can adopt.


We ate, we talked, we shared our breakfast with bees and cats. And we left for a total unplanned day ahead of us, knowing that the best part of living is learning, and in order to learn you need to have an open mind and open heart. And the streets were our school.

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