My vision before construction


We all have our talents, agree? What you know, I don’t know. What I know, you don’t know. Together we can achieve great goals!

My super power is imagination! Yes, being able to envision something that doesn’t exist yet, and then being able to put it in drawings and illustrations to tell you the story. Drawing is my language.


In my business, being able to communicate through drawings is essential to convey an idea and help the client “see” what I imagined. Being able to share this power is a big deal to me. It’s like pushing a car out of a giant mud hole. Vrummm!!! There it goes! It’s like bringing light to people’s thoughts, or like translating a foreign language.


More and more, people are realizing the availability of this service! What can be a better investment than asking for help from a professional? Telling your needs, your preferences, your style and how your people function in the space and letting the designer do their work.


When I meet with my clients for the first time, we are interviewing each other, sharing ideas, but most of all I’m learning everything I can from you and your space. When I start working on your project I always do some research about what is necessary in your space to make it functional and beautiful. Then I do the research about materials. Yes, every single time! I don’t believe in cookie cutter projects where everything comes out looking the same.


If every individual is unique, why shouldn’t their space be like them? Unique as well. The way your family cooks is totally different from another family. Or how they interact with their partners and kids is different from your way. EVERY FAMILY is different.


There’s no short cut to achieve a perfect design. There’s no formula, or standard shape or size for spaces. It all depends on the house itself and on the people who lives there.

So, if you can appreciate being treated as an individual and not as a number, you will see the necessity in hiring a designer that thinks like me. I have invested more than half of my life learning the process, and I love, love, love every project for which I am responsible.

I would love to hear your ideas about the subject!

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