Here, now.


img_1740He asked me about a year ago “Simony, what travel destination do you have on your bucket list?” I answered without any hesitation : Morocco!!! He smiled and said that’s mine too!

We were both born to be travellers as much as people are born to be doctors, artists, teachers, or anything else. To go and explore the many worlds out there is as important to us as food and water. We set the date, got the tickets, made the reservations and waited 8 months (what felt like forever!) till that dream trip finally arrived.

At the airport in Marrakech we stepped out to the parking area looking for our transportation to the Riad. The sun and the blue skies were immediate rewards for the long hours traveling from US to Africa. We approached two drivers, the bigger one decided that we had to go with the smaller car, decision based on the size of our luggage I guess. And then the adventure began: the chaotic traffic was entertaining, the wide streets soon turned into unbelievable tight alleys where many vehicles, bikes, motorcycles, people and horses, donkey-pulled carts, everything and everyone shared the limited space in a well planned choreograph.


The driver advised us that we had arrived to the point where cars couldn’t proceed anymore and someone else would take over. We were left on this alley where a man, who didn’t speak French, placed our bags on a hand-pushed cart and led us to our Riad.  Not knowing where we were going  was one of the funniest moments of our arrival. As much as I tried to talk to him in French, all he did was nod his head and smile. Sweet… I thought. I’m going to have fun here…


 That was just the beginning of a ten-day trip. First night we ventured ourselves into the open area of the medina looking for a place to eat. Exhausted and hungry, I don’t know which one was greater, we were emotionally devoured by the energy and atmosphere. Compare this to the greatest spiritual experience you have ever had. Or compare to those parallel universe we know exist but we don’t know how to reach? Or life after death. Or waking up in a new world. Or taking a train to an unknown destination with a one-way ticket. It’s fascinating. Everything that I thought I knew about Marrakech was just 10% of what really unfolded in front of us during our stay there. It exceeded all expectations. It made me fall in love with its people, its food, its sounds, smells, art and architecture so fast and so deeply that even now, here back home, I can’t forget it.


There are so many positive things I could talk about this country but for now all I have to say is that the spirit of this place stole my heart. I’m still trying to put my experience into words, but I can’t!

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