Soul traveling

I used to travel to see the world, now I travel to feel the world.

I think there are three types of traveling:

1) Nature traveling, when we want to see this beautiful planet, beaches, animals, forests, mountains, etc. When we want to run with the river, dive in the ocean, sleep under the stars, climb mountains, bike through trails, ski the slops. Relaxing for the soul, sometimes demanding on the body, depending on what you are doing.

2) Cultural traveling is when you want to see all things made by man, cities, castles, palaces, parks, ,monuments, buildings, bridges, museums, galleries. Architecture,history and art. When the curiosity is about food, music, celebrations.

3) Soul traveling. This is somehow a challenging one, it demands from us to step out of our bubble and connect. This is what I’m looking for right now. It’s one step farther into the other two traveling adventure. This is when we ask questions, we want to see how people live, how they feel, what they think, why they celebrate this and that, why they eat what they eat and how they prepare it. It’s very different from sitting at a restaurant in a foreign country and ordering a fabulous dish, eating, paying and leaving. No, I’ve done that, I’m ready for more, I’m ready to connect with strangers and be able to look into their eyes and see their soul. Find out what makes them tick. I’m ready to connect to the collective soul. (I know if you’ve  never heard of it you are probably laughing, but I’m funny like that, it takes a while for people to get used to my ideas)

My life has changed since I met my perfect travel partner almost three years ago. We have this same need to keep moving and exploring. We don’t need and don’t want to stay in a comfortable spot just for the sake of being safe. We agree that life is not supposed to be lived in a cubicle. It was a long journey to get here to this point and now we see we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are not looking for fancy hotels, first class nothing. We are looking for places that will add to our experience on this Earth. Soul traveling is when you can see the world through someone else’s eyes. (Insert a happy face here with starry eyes… I’m so excited!)

I’m getting ready to leave in three days to one of the most awaited trips in my life. I’m feeling so excited and at the same time I have no idea of what we will find. Leaving all expectations behind and only taking an open mind with me. Morocco here we come!

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