It’s not a coincidence

It is not a coincidence that my design, places I visited and events I experienced look-alike. My design is an awakening of memories from the past, from places, from trips, from feelings experienced during visits to some amazing unforgettable places.

It feels good to say that what I imagine and create is not close to anybody else’s ideas of design. It’s my own piece of  imagination that is waiting to come to life. I remember things and I relive feelings ALL THE TIME like a movie playing in my mind. And I love it.

It’s a pleasure to share with you what I see: my color combinations, proportions and textures that have left an impression in my mind. I don’t know how other people think and work, but for the longest time I imagined we processed ideas the same way, just to realize that it’s not quite like that. People have breaks and don’t think when they are sleeping.

I don’t have breaks.


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