Food mood board

Mood board is well-known among designers and artists as an inspirational board for a project. This board may contain pictures of objects or places, pieces of fabric,  dried flowers, sea-shells, a drawing, a cut-out from a magazine or anything you wish. Anything is allowed. When put together they should inspire or put you in the mood to create something new.

I have a mood board which I’m not proud of in many ways, it’s very chaotic there! I have so many layers and layers of pictures and drawings that I really can not call it a mood board anymore but a back-up memory for future and past projects. And yes, sometimes I wish I were more organized in my office but I also know the reality of it:  I work in a  space that is inversely proportional to the amount of products and the size of projects that come out from there. In the attempt to be unstoppable productive I have moved some projects to the big dining table where I can spread a 100 thousand brushes and paints. But still it is not good! I wish I had it all in one big room with many working stations.

Over the years my mood board has extended itself into my two computers as well, which seems to be the most efficient way to save images. For example: When I type “FOOD” in my picture file, a thousand billion pictures of food that I have either created or eaten in the past couple of years come up. To have this “extended memory” is not bad at all, I became aware of my style and realized that what makes me happy is a colorful project, be it a painting, a dish or a building.

So where do you keep your creative ideas? How do you share them?


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