Rio, you have me.



The past week went by in a flash, like a fast car in a dream. Being in Rio for a week felt like waking up from a sensorial coma: Fast everything, cars, buses, motorcycles. Hearing a language spoken with musical accent, smelling the food as fresh as the ocean, the smells of the city, the salt in the air, the sun burning on the skin. Waking up from the sensorial coma that we normally live can be overwhelming and calming, all at the same time. There’s no need to fight, all you do is let yourself drift with the current.


Last night in Rio and I’m sitting in a cab after 10:30 PM heading downtown. This city had me for one more night, just one more night. The idea that I was supposed to be sitting in an airplane instead and heading north to another country had become useless, miniature, not worth fighting anymore. On the back seat of a car I reflect about all the little things that can instantly change your life. One minute you have something, next minute it’s gone. You control your destiny as much as you can control the hours of the day. Even though impossible, we try, just to realize life has us and not the other way around.

Dark night at late hours, people driving around, walking, police watching all. Buildings in colorful lights, exuberant in beauty. The air is cool, the cars passing by are noisy, life is so busy and for a moment it seems nobody needs to go to bed anymore. And the idea of being so alive right here, right now, stroke me and clarified all my questions, now I know why I love this place so much: here there’s life everywhere, there’s always something going on.

One day your are the spectator on a crowded beach, listening to people talk and reading their body language. Next day you are the person on the stage, working on an improvised act, where you are observed, in the hopes of final approval.

All cards on the table, minor misunderstanding, a difference in language made my plans turn around on a 180 degrees. But I know this world, I know these people and I know I had a chance when the person on the other side revealed himself as sweet as mango. Funny but true! Paperwork work in order now, this time on the proper language, now we can leave the country. Better yet, tomorrow we can leave the country.

Next day we would enjoy one more day under the sun before returning to our sensorial coma in Winterland.


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