Here, there and everywhere


Here, there and everywhere… How we decorate , how we dress, how we think are products of what we have seen, what we have lived and how we have combined all of those experiences together.

25 Christmas ago I was an artist illustrator for a children’s magazine in a little town in Ohio. My job was to create illustrations for the stories and the covers for the magazine. When Fall came, we started working on our Christmas issue, and what did I do? I made a huge assumption that everyone knew that this holiday was celebrated differently in every corner of the world. I made an illustration of Santa visiting children on a village by the beach. That was my first rejected art work! It was a wake up call warning me that sometimes just because I am talking it doesn’t mean people are understanding my words or my work. It was a simple job but it sent me into deep thoughts trying to figure out who had misunderstood whom?

Today I understand what perception means much more than I did back then. We only love what we know, and we only know the things and the people that we have spent time with. But more than ever we are easily connected with people and things from faraway places! We visit the world and meet new people through our computers, and even better: I know that a lot of my clients these days are willing to learn and to experience new ideas though my design. We are living a very exciting, knowledge rich era in history.


As I sit here in my office in the afternoons,  watching this wintry sunset, I imagine how can I bring my “other world” into my design? What will be my contribution today to someone’s life? What can I share with you from my trips and experiences that will make you smile? The answers are endless. Creativity never cease, the more I think the more ideas I can bring to work. Creativity is a bird that needs to fly! And for that reason I am always on the go. Here, there and everywhere… I love it all.

In one week I will be looking at the ocean and thinking how all the beauty of this world contributes to my life excitement so much. Soon to follow pictures of Rio, Brazil. Check my Instagram and my Facebook for all the adventures to come.

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