How can every project be one of a kind?


img_9635I arrived at my client’s home and parked my car. Blue sky and sunshine greeted me through the yellow-orange Autumn leaves from the surrounding trees. The house had a bosque like kind of backyard and my eyes got lost in there for a moment. The project included the remodel of a bathroom among other rooms. The homeowners had shared with me that they loved warm colors but at the same time they wanted me to push them out of their comfort zone. I just love that kind of trust where I can bring the unexpected and people are pretty open-minded.

Anyways… Let’s get to the bathroom because the kitchen I have saved for a whole other post. I brought this color scheme and tiles for the bathroom. They really loved them all. Who wouldn’t love a chocolate like stone tile?

But really, why did they love these items? Because they were already there surrounding their home and they were part of their beautiful backyard.img_9633If you ask me where my inspiration cames from, the truth is: The inspiration comes from everywhere, all the things that surround me. It can be your landscape, can be a part of your house, can be a plate on the table, a tapestry on the wall, can be a story you told me about you or your family, can be the smell of a cake baking in the oven when I walk into your home. It’s a blend of all sensorial clues I catch, consciously or subconsciously. That’s why, for me, colors have temperature, taste, smell. Texture evokes feelings. Proportions and layout affects your mood.


Every project is one of a kind, each design is based on what I perceive at our first meeting. Because not two clients are alike and not two stories are alike, then not two projects are alike. And that’s why I don’t think anyone can emulate what I do, for that to happen, the other person would have to live inside of my head. And that will never happen.  I feel that I can see what most people can’t and then like magic (yes you gotta believe in magic to be creative!) I can bring that spirit and feelings to concrete objects and life.

That’s my gift to you!

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