Where do patterns come from?


Autumn is possibly the most adored season by most artists. Colors are like magic potion dripping from the sky and from trees. The light is magical, not white, not bright, just gold and magical. Added to the color come the patterns… Ahhh ground covering patterns.  Millions of leaves covering our grass, our patio, our driveway, our head.

I could get lost in patterns. And painting them the way they come to mind is my away to calm down the spirit. They pulse so strongly inside of me. Yes, patterns pulse. They start like a little dream that wakes me up at night. I pretend to forget them like I pretend to forget to eat sometimes. And then from the head they travel to my heart and I try to teach them patience, like I try to teach my kids. And they move to my guts and then there’s no hope. Can’t ignore them at this point.


Like hunger, they take over and soon I can not think anymore until I cave in to their need to come out and play. They materialize in the shape of paintings, drawings, or a collection of fabrics or tiles. Oh patterns they are so mathematically powerful, commanding my eyes to exam directions, volume and visual weight. And finally when I surrender, they let me rest. Who knows for how long? A day? A week? A month? I will never know.


So I can’t explain where patterns come from, but I know they come to life once in a while through my hands and paint brushes. If you would like to have some of my creation, please visit my Etsy shop here.

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