Baby Nursery makeover

There’s that excitement in the air when you know your baby will be here soon. You can almost smell that baby in every piece of little outfit you already have. Then you walk into the nursery and realize with frustration that you were not able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together yet, either because you don’t even know where to start or because you are too busy with work, kids, life!! Yes, they all want your attention, right now! And the only thing you can think of right now is “Will I have time and energy to have this room done before baby arrives?”


YES!!! The answer is YES! Because you have the option to reach out and ask for help from me! And it is easier than you think. Here’s how it works:

  1. You call and we set up an appointment. I come over to your house to see the room and measure the space, this way I know what size of furniture we will need, where the window(s) and door(s) are located, etc. We will talk about your style, you will show me pictures, your pin board, things that you like and don’t like. We will talk about your budget so I can be precise with my choice of items for this room.
  2. I will give you a quote, and then after you approve the quote and I get a payment, I will get to work.
  3. My work is not generic at all. You will not get those “ready sets” that you are used to see at local stores. I will research all over the world for items that are unique in color, texture and shape. Your baby nursery will be like no other, will be full of personality, beautiful in style and amazing in functionality.
  4. Next you get a Mood Board where all pieces come together for your delight and approval. Something like this:
Total cost for the items above: $2,500    Design cost for this project: $500

All of this based on your budget and taste. Something that we already talked about on our first meeting. Every project is custom-made, NEVER two are alike!

5. Once you say you are completely amazed with the design and in love with every item and can’t wait to have it all, then I will give you the Pricing and Sourcing Guide and a Floor Plan.

6. Pricing and Sourcing Guide is a list where I include a picture of each item, a description (size, color, material), where to buy it, a link to the store and the prices of the items so YOU can order every piece.

7. Floor Plan is a drawing that shows where every item will go.

8. If the room needs some painting or change in floor finish (change carpet, finish wood floor, etc) I can add that to my scope of work too, and bring in the right contractor for the job.

I can not think of any easier and amazing way to help you to get your baby room together without losing your mind! Are you excited yet?!

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