Cross cultural design


We are most aware of something after the event has taken place, after the moment has passed, after time has shown us results. When we are living in the moment we are pretty overtaken by the emotion and feelings. We are living it intensely and learning with the process. When I was thirteen I had plans of going to faraway places to see whatever was different. I didn’t have a written plan, I was just a kid (Even now I still don’t have any written plans and I am most comfortable this way).  I just knew what I wanted and knew it was very different from what most people wanted. I didn’t care. I wasn’t looking for support, I was looking for independence. Independence to choose whatever I wanted even if no one was in agreement with me. And what I wanted was to explore the world, I knew there was something enchanting, more wild, more colorful or more cultural out there. I wanted to touch the unimaginable, to be surprised by the unknown, I wanted to learn about it all.


As our world becomes smaller and smaller, thanks to instant worldwide web information, faraway places don’t feel as so faraway anymore.  We have learned about places in the world more than we have ever done before in the history of mankind. The more we travel the more we see, and then the more we learn. The more we learn the more open-minded and accepting we become. The more we share the richer we get.


So how all of this influences our choices of design? Simple, the world is so rich in culture and every country has its own style which we can choose and pick what “speaks to us”. A certain country might make amazing pottery, while another country makes the most colorful textiles, and another has incredible silver art, while others teach us how to cook an exotic dish. We put it all together and that is the Cross Cultural Design, a collection of what you love,  a story of who you are, who you loved, where you have been, what you have seen. Life becomes more inspiring when you can appreciate diversity.



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