When you have it all


Life is crazy like that, sometimes you think you lost everything just to realize that all “that” everything you lost was nothing compared to what you gained next. And that’s what I want to talk about today. So if you don’t like the mushy type of post and you were hoping for something related to design, trips or whatever, just skip this one today.

I have all the pieces together and I think that’s a great reason to celebrate. If you could see my happy dance right now, you wouldn’t believe that such huge happiness and contentment would be possible to be experienced right here on this planet Earth.

Even serious events, like my kids’ surgeries this year were not enough to make me change my mood or feel desperate, and those were pretty big things happening this year. Why? Because I have achieved calmness and deep interior peace and there’s nothing that can turn me upside down.


A day at the Botanic Garden recharges me with a super dose of energy and help me sort good from bad, happy from sad, true from false, important from useless. All analyzed and ready to go!

I have the best job in the world. There’s not a Monday when I’m not excited to start all over again. New clients, new projects, new design, new everything. I enjoy working with people and those who I don’t enjoy, I simply don’t work with. Simple like that. How wonderful is it to choose who I hang out with? How wonderful is it to be appreciated by those who understand the core of my work?

But together with career happiness there’s another B I G happiness named Jeff happiness! I’m mesmerized by his kindness and his attention given to me. He is pure goodness. Imagine a puzzle of bright lights and stars, dancing fast and connecting to each other to become an amazing image! I have this satisfying feeling of having it all together, and watching life only getting better every day gives me energy to do everything I want. It makes absolute sense now, the growth that seemed painful at times was a disguised blessing. The curvy road, the long trip, the bumpy road were all necessary to awake my soul.

I feel as if I had climbed the tallest mountain believing that the greatest present was at the top, and it was there when I arrived! I got that huge present from life that very few people can say they have. I have it with me, living in my heart, in my mind and next to my body, forever and ever till we depart this life. Together we have completed that circle of happiness by giving the missing piece to each other. And just like that, like the symbol for infinite, the number 8 laying down, we are infinite together. By giving love we received wings.


The good things in life are better with you.


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