As Summer slips away…

My mind travels back and forth like a book being flipped from front to back many times. Pages after pages of memories and places, events, people and days. I’m getting colder and colder every day. It’s Fall, cold Fall with a glimpse of warm days here and there, then next to that warm day comes a gray, wet, cold day that seems not to end. Holding on to memories to keep me “alive”.


I visit photos that tell me stories and remind me that it’s farmers’ market day somewhere, but not here anymore. We say goodbye to those warm days when we could just walk around with the excitement of seeing all at the same time, the product and the producer. The fruits and the flowers. The honey and the candles. The cakes and the sandwiches. Colors, smells, voices… That’s how every day should be. img_1120

Ohio is a cold place to live and it’s useless to try to convince me otherwise. I don’t care if you tell me there are colder places than this, I can only think of the warmer places that are. Switzerland, France, Italy, Brazil… I’ve seen their open markets, and by revisiting those photos now, it feels like diving with a tank full of air. I have taken hundreds of thousands of pictures since I got my first camera at the age of 11. Still it doesn’t seem like I have registered all I wanted.


So as Summer slips away I search ravenously through saved files and find happiness.    Looking forward to the near future and imagining my next trips to places around the world.  Some of you prefer to travel from the seats of your home, through the words of your writers. I love that. I love sharing and I love being the one sitting in airports for hours waiting for my connection. I love that I’m the one carrying the luggage through unfamiliar streets and hearing languages that spin around my head. I love the unexpected, the unplanned, the challenge. Can’t wait for what’s coming next.


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