The taste of color



The heat on the streets in Playa del Carmen was reaching some 110 F. We walked for a few hours checking out shops, restaurants, architecture, food, people, plants, aromas, music and the pebbles on the streets.

Tiny doors leading us to secret gardens, playing a game of seduction where they would show us, from far away, only part of their body and then making us walk in, seeking for more astonishing views. Curious, very curious I had to walk into almost every secret door to a magical garden.

Family vacation, another dive trip or was this when we were falling slowly into another world like Alice did through the rabbit hole?  img_7033

Colors were talking so loudly and they needed no translation. I almost could taste the flavor of orange, papaya and chocolate from those walls. The deep blue shade was stolen from the sky, probably because whoever created the architecture here was deeply in love with nature.



Was this another great illustration by M.C. Escher where stairways tangle between flights and we can go either up or down? Or was just the heat making us dizzy in the world of deep happy shades?


Tiles were mini pieces of art, most of the time handmade. There is a flavor typical of this culture, a flavor not only present on their food but found on their craftsmanship. There’s pride in every piece of architectural element. Pride in the time spent creating every detail. No rush here, they are not worried about losing time while creating beauty. Opposite of some cultures that rush to have things done fast to later on in the future put everything down.

Here in Mexico they take their time because they know beauty is in the details.


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