What is home?

What is home for you?

 Is it the silence you seek when your mind is busy and tired? The softness of the bed when your body needs repose? The emotions and excitement when you bring people in? Or the peaceful place to hide when you need a break from the world? A place to experiment and create? A place to cook and nourish body and soul?

It’s all of the above plus more, including walls, decor, colors, smells… Our surroundings affect our feelings and behavior. Our surroundings are also a translation of our past, our stories lived, the people we met and kept and the ones we lost. You move and bring a piece of your history with you. Photos, a painting, that special piece of furniture, a blanket, some tools, dishes, things your parents passed to you, etc.

A home is this container of memories that tells visitors the story of those who live there. Moving from house to house, from city to city, from country to country changes the story and how you tell it. Families may split, kids may move out, objects get broken, lifestyle changes and at the end of each individual story all that is left is the “feeling” and “sensation” of what home really is.

My home can be anywhere, I can adapt and grow where I’m planted. And no home needs to be forever. Home is where I live the present and dream of the future.

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