I wrote this whole post using “WE” then I went back and changed to “I” because I realized that I might be the minority who loves Summer above all seasons? And it feels very hard to let go of the Summer sensations that my body craves. The burning sun on my shoulders, eating outdoors everyday if I want to. Wearing sandals and one layer of clothes. Diving in the ocean and other things that I love doing during the Summer. But… Fall…   is…   here…


 The light has been replaced by an orange glow. The sun now rises long after me, leaving me to awake in the darkness of the mornings. Days are shorter. The air is cooler. And day after day we wish to fall asleep and hibernate simply because all we want is to stay indoors. It all works like a soft and calming hypnotizing lullaby song.


A blanket, comfort food, chocolate dessert, scarves and boots. It will take me a while to adjust to the new sleeping schedule and open my eyes after rolling out of bed. Meanwhile, all I need is silent mornings while I hold tight to my hot cup of coffee hoping it will hug me back. The soup for dinner will give the energy to clean up the kitchen before we all go to bed. And this home that started with 3, now holds 5 and comfort and peace is what we find under this roof. That’s it!!! No other season translates into comfort and peace more than Autumn does! And now I realize that this is a very blessed season, we don’t need to rush anywhere, we just need to connect with friends and family.


img_1755Soon we will start a dinner rotation with other friends, when we meet once a month and prepare some awesome exquisite food to share. Every home with its own style and every table with its menu.

Bring on the eating season!

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