A dream



I have a dream…

I have a dream of having a studio/shop and I know exactly down to the minimum details how I want it. I have spent hours dreaming about it, both during the day and during the night.

Here is how it goes: I want an old building with a large floor area and tall ceilings. I’d live on the second or third floor in my loft and my studio would be on the first floor. This first floor would have old hardwood or concrete floors. Walls would be plain white or exposed bricks. In there I would have 3 areas: The back of the studio would be the area where experiments happen, furniture gets painted, ceramic pieces get made and so on..


The middle of the store would be where I sit down at large tables to work on my interior design ideas, table for painting, table for drawing and table for the computer. I would have an area for photography also, where I can do food photography or photograph my items for the store. And probably a sofa and coffee table to sit with friends or clients and talk about projects and art.


At the front of the studio would be the store. There I’d have pretty items for sale, made by local artists, items collected from antique stores and items brought from trips around the world.

I’d have plenty of decor for the home, lots of art on the walls, and I’d change the settings every two weeks or so, to keep everything fresh and interesting.


Every Saturday morning I’d have classes tought by  local artists. Some days would be about photography, or painting or knitting, or flower arrangement or whatever we feel like.


I’d have plants hanging from macrame hangers, unique chandeliers, colorful rugs and quilts. Sunshine coming from the big windows, music playing, and some wonderful candle burning. I’d have a pet monkey that would dance and clap every time a client walks in. And these people would be very interesting human beings who would ask me where I found this or that object and we would talk about trips, food and family.

That’s all I’m dreaming about right now. What do you dream about?

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