Illustration work and some other stuff

It’s Friday and I’m feeling full of energy. I can put my construction boots away and play with art. I’m just kidding because there were never working boots on these feet. This is how I dress to work during Summer:


I really love these two pictures because they show the true me, how uncomplicated I am and how I like to live life.  Then comes the weekend when I can choose to do whatever… Sometimes there’s that extra work that needs to be finished before I can play, and sometimes it’s Monday again and there was no play!

But when I play, I do ART. It keeps my creativity active. And sometimes I put my “stuff” out there on the Etsy shop.  You can visit My shop here. I don’t have much there, my items are not expensive and I don’t make them with the intent of becoming rich. It’s more the process of making them that keeps me alive, but I also think if someone ever needs or wants any of my “stuff”so that’s the place where you can find them.

Hope you can stop by and check out some of my work! Thank you.




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