Sometimes, Never, Forever and Always.


I love the word “Sometimes”. I can’t stand the word “Never”. I wish I could believe in the word “Forever”. And I accept the word “Always”.

I’m Always thinking and Always doing something with my mind or my hands. But only Sometimes I have the inspiration. I walk around the house and Never want to do the ugly job of cleaning it, and I wish once I cleaned it, it would stay clean Forever.

 I hope the day will last Forever and give me the chance to do some art. Then I realize time flies so I better do some easy art, which translates as baking. Baking catapults into food photography, very close to the feeling of going out quickly but deciding to take a shower first and dressing up, because you know it’s Always better to look your best.

Sometimes being alone is good. Being Forever alone is probably not good because you would Never experience deeper feelings. Sometimes being alone gives you the time to do the things you Always wanted but Never did. Sometimes it sucks.

While we Never expect bad luck to happen as long as we Always work hard to keep things positive, Sometimes shit happens. And most likely you will Never get a second chance at the same episode in your life, but you will Always have a chance to make another mistake or achieve something greater in another ocasion.

And because we don’t last Forever and nothing lasts Forever, we Always trick ourselves hoping for Forever things. Sometimes a minute lasts Forever in our mind and I Never wanted to admit it, but Sometimes that is just good enough!

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