Transitioning… Again!


My home is my lab where I experiment ideas and it is constantly changing. I imagine every person addicted to decor is like that too, correct? But then I also imagined everyone on their 15’s were home reading Freud, Prost, Sartre, Nietzsche, etc… Learning about philosophy and psychology, which I found out 30 years later they were not. *sigh* (Insert a disappointed nerd face here).

Back to the title “Transitioning”. Transition is a constant in my home. We transition address, we transition room function, decor, colors and if you sit around for too long I will transition you into something else. Just keep moving dear. I told you about the kitchen remodel I did on this house two years ago, after that I finished the whole basement, but this will be a post for another day. After the basement, I transformed the front sitting area into my office by closing that opening you see on the picture on the left.

See pictures below, BEFORE I moved in, and AFTER:

I finally got rid of the hallway wallpaper with its beige and white stripes, it always felt like if Beatle Juice had puked here. God, I hated those walls for so long!  But life is good when you can trade with your painter, your work for his work, or goods for work, or trade anything for anything because sometimes money is not an option.

Brown trims
White trims

Now we are changing colors in the Family Room where it has been traditional for longer than these walls can remember. Again, traditional is not my place. It’s amazing to see how paint can transform everything. A change of color on the wood trims has brought this room to a new era! Brown be gone because here comes beautiful clean white trims! And that’s where all the fun and crazy ideas hide (in my head), in the transitional process! That’s why change is good. Now I look around and want to change more. See those frames above the fireplace? They will probably be transformed. The vignette above the fireplace? Will change!

Table cover from Bali, present from Jeff.

The dining room will be organized again because with the family room being updated, the dining table needs to look beautiful. My office will have some layout rearrangement too. So, as Fall approaches the North hemisphere and we keep ourselves indoors a little more, we start thinking of beautiful table settings with favorite friends. We spend more time reading and watching movies in our living rooms and these rooms should be cozy and inviting. I’m wondering how do you guys make the changes through the seasons? Which room do you spend most of your time?

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