How I designed this Lebanese market


This was a very exciting project I worked on, a perfect white canvas where I came in and did my magic with the blessing of the good clients who trusted my choices.

 I had a big area that was part restaurant and part market, both areas had to blend seamlessly to look as one. I love when a project involves some research from my side, something that leads me to travelling through history or looking at books and magazines. And based on what I found about this rich culture, it was clear that I had to choose earth tones, patterns for the walls and inviting warm reds, all inspired by their colorful food and spices,the color of their flag, and the vibrancy of the costumes worn by belly dancers. Some knowledge about the psychology behind colors helped me too, how reds and oranges influence your appetite.

The high ceilings got a touch of terra-cotta hue. The walls were light cream and the browns and reds came from the tiles I selected.

This is the tile layout I created for the mural and made it into a focal point for the biggest wall at the restaurant area.

Muna market 5IMG_7846

Once the 1″x 1″ tiles were installed it brought so much life to that wall behind the counter! The gloss finish reflects light, the colors are amazing with the wood tones and it’s just the right mixture of contemporary and foreign. Because this establishment serves a nice area in town we wanted it to be refined and classy to reflect good taste and quality.

This is one place that I’m very happy to revisite, it makes me proud of my work, it makes me happy to know that the clients trusted me from beggining to end.

It’s always easy for me to bring my best when I have the freedon to create.


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