How I redesigned my kitchen





What prompted me to write this post was a simple question someone asked me one day:  “Simony, being a designer, your house must be beautiful?!!”   My answer was: “Well, let me tell you, I did my best with what I had!”

Two years ago I bought this house in the right neighborhood and at the price that I could afford. The house was about 25 years old and to my standards some rooms were very outdated. Before me, the house had one responsible owner who took good care of it so there was no major problems just some necessary changes to make it look prettier. What made me pick this one instead of the other houses I had checked out was the sunroom and the park like backyard. Everything else I had to modify.

That’s how the kitchen and the dining room looked like before I put my hands on it. The dining room was so small that it could only accommodate a table of four. I wanted to create a pantry for all the kitchen “stuff” I own, so that green room you see there full of birds on the walls became my walk-through pantry. One of my smartest invention ever!

This was one of the first drawings I did when I was still at the dreaming stage of the remodel.


When construction (or deconstruction) started we knocked down the wall that separated the dining room from the kitchen. Kids were at work as you can see, this was their Summer job.



The previous wall behind the stove was completely removed. I built a wall in front of those large windows and anchored my sink and some cabinets there, see this floor plan above. Behind this wall was my walk-through pantry where I placed a second fridge, cabinets for my dish collection and open shelving for the food.


I thought the idea of adding a bead-board with the same finish to the wall behind the shelving was a great way to integrate cabinets and shelves.


I’m not a fan of lots of linear foot of wall cabinets and I prefer pantries rather than cabinets. When you are outside the kitchen you can visually read those two back cabinets as part of the kitchen as well, but once you walk inside the pantry there’s a whole new world there! People often get amazed with the surprise of what’s behind that wall. The large window on the right provides a great amount of natural light to the pantry and kitchen. The peninsula and its cook-top facing forward is where I have a bar height counter and where my family and guests sit and talk while we cook. I repeated the beadboard on the peninsula and had three outlets installed here to provide easy access to phone chargers. (I was thinking about how my two teens use their devices)


I wanted a kitchen that felt open to the rest of the house, a place to entertain and work. It had to be efficient, beautiful and above all it had to be unique. Like I said before, I don’t do boring neither common, I work overtime to make things unique. Stoneleigh

My vision and the final result.IMG_8057

I’m very glad to say that while on a tight budget I accomplished a design that makes my soul happy and the chef in me satisfied.

What do you love about your kitchen? Have you gone through a kitchen remodel? What was your must have?

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