My mind travels during the night while you sleep so quietly and peacefully. I can’t rest my thoughts and while resting my hand on you the rest of my body starts to ascend. I’m floating in the room and soon out of here. I fly over the house and moving away from the trees I see the town where we live. My body feels the cool night air and it only gets colder as I continue to get away from Earth.

I fly back home. I see lights along the beach and tiny cars moving silently. I see the city lights glowing in the darkness of space. I get lower and now I can smell the salty ocean and  hear the waves. And I fall, and fall very fast back to my bed.

I continue to hold on to you in the hopes that my mind will stay with my body, but it doesn’t work like that. The mind doesn’t need the body for the involuntary night travels. And fast I go up in the dark sky again. Flying over farms, rivers, highways… And South I go over the ocean, clouds, mountains, and more and more ocean. It feels extremely comfortable up here. No sound, just my thoughts.

I go to different continents where the noises rise with the sun. I feel life vibrating everywhere. The world is awakening over here, the ocean is blue and silver. I fall again but this time not in my bed, this time in the water. I see the sea life and the white sand. The currents move me side to side as I try to hold on to the ocean floor with only one finger, like you taught me. My breathing controls my buoyancy and suddenly I’m back to bed and my hand is anchored not to the ocean floor but to you.

I wake up and think: What’s forever? What’s “love you forever”? And you answer: “Until I die”. I guess life is forever until it ends.

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