There’s a sense of history everywhere you walk around, or better saying, walk inside a medieval town. Towns surrounded by tall brick walls stood against enemies through centuries and will continue to stand there forever… telling their history to us, human-beings with such a short life span. There’s no place better than an ancient site to knock us down and make us realize the brevity of human life and our fragility compared to the endurance of all natural materials like terracotta bricks and stone blocks.

I walk through alleys that take me to residences, open parks, small taverns and four table restaurants. I pass by “windows” on the walls and see the world out there like a framed picture, a wind shaken landscape of green cypresses and fruit trees. Up some stairs and down again. Look up and see their daily laundry hung in the sun. Hear a piano far away losing its notes into the warm air. Cats napping. An artist painting outdoors. Hypnotizing food aromas begging my soul to stay here forever. There’s no rush, we know life is better lived when enjoyed slowly, one day at a time.

As I walk everywhere, I run my fingers on the walls capturing the energy and trying to meet the spirit of the people who built these towns. Imagining how every piece of brick was stacked, imagining the stories behind the walls. Families and their children, lovers who met inside those tunnels away from the cities’ eyes. Horses and their men, soldiers, workers, and festive ceremonies. Every brick gives me a millisecond of a different information loaded with emotion. I only hear the bricks now and I can’t ever forget what they are telling me. I secure that information to take home as my biggest souvenir because I know I will be using it someday on a project somewhere.

That’s what I remember when I get that same material and apply it on a project of interior design. Because of their unpretentious nature, bricks ground us, make us feel close to nature, relaxed and in a sense, timeless.

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