stylized feather II

 I come to the realization that the sun lives inside my head and the heat radiates through my skin and that’s what makes me different than everyone else raised in the Winter land. Even though Winter is much longer than Summer here where we live, it has not been powerful enough to erase my memories of heat, sunshine and sweat.

I’m driving and thinking “What a job well done!”. Happy with the outcome of another project, my mind is celebrating alone with Manu Chao music, where they sing in French, Spanish and Portuguese all at the same time, jumping to each phrase from one language to another, like a bright firefly that can’t be capture. I then realize I’m that kind of music, I’m a combination of so many places, a celebration of cultures. I’m the firefly.

Reflecting on how I like to work and how I create design tells me how everything that is common deeply disturbs me. I can’t be common even if I tried. I don’t try. I can’t design what you know because my goal is to show you what you don’t know, I kindly want to help you experiment what you never tried. I mix and match ideas while that constant polyglot music dances in my head. I like colors, textures, different materials. I like history, the history of everything, I study the meaning of subconscious decisions. I pay attention to  the symbolism of items that can only be read by the heart and not by the mind. I mix them all together, throw them at you and make you smile. That’s my gift to you.

I’m different, my design is different. Only those who appreciate “different” can enjoy me and see the value in my work. So until we meet… I will be here thinking of you.


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