Design work


On a recent project I was asked to update a kitchen. Easy right? Maybe. But what to do when spouses have different ideas and requests? How to please opposites?

Well, when I walk into a client’s home my radar is working 110% to catch details of what they like, what they have in the house, their style and how they like to live. When they have different requests for what they need or want I will do my best to find a common ground where their values meet.

Example: 25 year old home with yellow oak floor, yellow oak cabinets and oak furniture. We all know how tired we are of those floors already! I bet almost all of us have lived in a house that had the oak floors. We are tired and DONE with the yellow hue. He wanted to keep them, she wanted to get ride of them. To keep the project on the budget, we could either change floors or change cabinets, we opted for new cabinets, which I know would create greater impact. So what would look nice, updated and sophisticate? I went for the dark wood finish to create contrast, this way cabinets and floor would not blend like cheetah in the Savannah anymore. Backsplash would be something with a pattern, in this case I chose old world cement tiles to cause a twist and make the whole place look modern. Yes, when you know all the rules you can break them and make your creation more authentic. Next I chose brushed brass fixtures to tie the floor to the small elements and have all colors living peacefully together.

All I have to say is, every ugly duckling can become a beautiful swan. Ask me how!


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